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Our handyman service offers professional drywall repair. We specialize in both small patching jobs and complete drywall repair and installation. Our experienced team can quickly and accurately restore your drywall  to its original condition.

Minor Home Repair

Is your honey-do list uncompleted? When you get home from work the last thing you want to do is keep working, when you should be resting and having fun. Your home isn’t something that can be left unchecked indefinitely and those minor home repairs are definitely not going to fix themselves! Let me help ease the pain.​​

Hardware Tools

Our homes endure a lot of wear and tear. Let's face it. We live there! And some families have children and pets and other factors that quite simply add wear and damage over time. You are probably aware of any number of issues needing attention in your house but perhaps don't have the time or the tools or skills to tackle them. Home Repair Dudes Inc. exists to take care those items and provide a high level of care and quality workmanship.

Sometimes damage occurs and requires immediate attention. Since we specialize in smaller projects to we can respond quickly to those situations, so just give us a call.

Another area of service is homeowner's punch list, such as a list provided from a home inspection due to a home sale or purchase. We can typically handle most items on these lists.

Home Improvement
Home Improvement

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